Veteran Berlin audio enthusiasts


‘Hi-Fi of the Year’, ‘Speaker of the Year’, ‘Surround-Sound System of the Year’, ‘Speaker Set of the Year’, ‘Subwoofer of the Year’, multiple winner of titles and awards like “Das goldene Ohr” and the “Goldener Computer”, ‘Favourite Brand’ – these are just some of the distinctions awarded to Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH over the years.

Ever since it was founded in 1979, the Berlin company has been developing and making products that have won one prize after another as a result of its high popularity among trade magazines and their readers. 


And since developing its research and development department in 1987, Teufel has turned out to be a pioneer on the German hi-fi market. In 1995 they launched a speaker system developed especially for Dolby Surround. Just one year later, Teufel presented the first THX-licensed speaker system developed and produced in Germany. Today the company not only offers the smallest THX speaker system in the world, but also the world’s biggest range of THX-licensed speakers. 


Teufel is a veteran Berlin company that has a lot in common with its home city: both are charming, fun, honest and refuse to follow any conventions. The inhabitants of the German capital are proud of this headstrong company, which – despite its many successes in recent years – has always stayed true to Berlin.