3D printing for compostable healing casts


Tailormade support cuffs and casts that are comfortable to wear and also protect the environment – that’s the idea behind Think3DDD. The Berlin founders are on a mission to improve the self-healing powers of people and pets. And at the digital pitch event Startup-Champs@Digitaltag, their concept earned them a stint in a pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN.

Mon - Sat 10:00-20:00

Irritating seams and edges on casts, itchy bandages that cause skin irritations – not only are they uncomfortable, but also prevent injuries from healing properly. Tino Jacobi and Leonardo Lauer from Berlin-based start-up Think3DDD have developed 3D printers that help to solve precisely this problem. Using the 3D printing technique, Think3DDD prints casts that are suitable for everyday wear and tailormade for people (Orthimale) and pets (VETorthi). Their orthoses are tailormade, lightweight, flexibly adjustable and easy to recycle.

All you need is a video of the body part in question, which will be scanned by your doctor via smartphone and sent to the Think3DDD cloud. Your 3D healing cast will then be produced and checked in close cooperation with the doctor treating you.

You can visit the Think3DDD pop-up box at BIKINI BERLIN until 11 October.